Writing a blog is something I wanted to do since last July 2017. After finished my degree studies, I finally got the time do it. Basically, this will be a platform for me to spill my thoughts. It can be yours too. One of the reasons why I opened up a blog is to listen to more opinions, be it from the left or right. However, don't expect me to accept all opinions as I won't force anyone to accept mine too. But that's how democracy works right? We share different ideas on certain issues but that won't stop us from discussing it. 

I don't have a schedule right now but I promise I will write more from time-to-time. I will cover issues that motivate me to write e.g.: politics and social issues in Malaysia anddddd WRESTLING. Yeap, I am proud WWE (possibly NJPW) fan. 

Also, as a Malaysian, there is probably a mixture of languages in my writings (Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, English). So I am gonna apologize to people who don't learn some of these languages and puzzled when they come across those words. But hey, we have google translate now so it won't be a problem for you.      

Alright, that's all I wanna say. Welcome to my blog and cheers!


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