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Midnight Thoughts #19: 14 Movies, 14 Scribbled Reviews (Part 1)

The movement restriction order initiated by the state started on 18th Mac 2020 till 31st Mac 2020. Just to make an already restrictive life slightly entertaining, fruitful (thesis: am I a joke to you?), I decided to watch 14 movies per day, 7 US films and 7 foreign-language films and write short reviews on all these movies.

Without further adieu, let's go: [SPOILERS!]

1. 18th March 2020 - Jojo Rabbit 

- Fuck off, Hitler -

Taika Waititi rewrites the fate of the Thor Saga. The first two was abysmal, and the third is not only fun to watch, but it is also good, right up there with the likes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

And again, he delivered, this time on Jojo Rabbit. Saw one review saying this movie is directed with kids in mind, lamented how single-minded this movie is. But isn't it the point of the movie, about a child, struggling with his own inner demons and his good side. It's a child pov in the movie for crying out loud.  

Anyway, …

Midnight Thoughts #18: A Reflection on ‘Pelajar Bukan Melayu Kurang Minat Sejarah'

SPM results were released yesterday and to all students who passed the examination with flying colours, congratulations. To others who were disappointed at their results, the road is long and it is definitely not the apocalypse.

What caught the eyes of the public though, is a news article published by Harian Metro with the provocative headline 'Pelajar bukan Melayu kurang minat sejarah' (Lack of interest in history among non-Malay students). During the press conference, the Federal Territory Education Department director Maznah Abu Bakar told the media that the average grade of the history subject in Kuala Lumpur dropped from 5.02 (2018) to 4.83 (2019) and the reason is that non-Malay students are less interested in history. 

Many are puzzled by it, especially when the statement came from the education department director. Some questioned whether Harian Metro's headline intends to stoke racial sentiments. I thought there are multiple layers we can look into it and as a histo…