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Midnight Thoughs #14: 1 John 4:7-8 — “Beloved, Let Us Love One Another, Because Love Is From God; Everyone Who Loves Is Born Of God And Knows God.”

People find solace, peace and confidence through different ways.

Some thru music
Some thru gemstones
Some thru books
And of course, some thru religion(s)

As an atheist myself, religion is not something I would seek.
But that doesn't mean I have the right to prevent others searching for one.
Being Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, and thousands more give them the confidence and peace they need.

Religion give them something to believe in.
A path in which they could follow.
A moral compass that would keep them in check

Which is why queer Muslims, Christians, Hinduist exist.
And they exist here in Malaysia too.

Already marginalized by the state
Not to mention bullied by friends or received zero support from parents
Some resort to religion.
Since there's no physical appearance of God themselves, this means god is non-judgemental.
Queer folks able to look for verses in scriptures to comfort them
To tell them everything is fine, they are normal.

There are also those who subscri…