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Midnight Thoughts #13: Stop ‘Kowtowing’ to Zealots

Weeks ago, a play stirred controversies among the right-wing Muslim groups due to the word ‘Sex’ on the title of the play. Although the title had been altered since (‘Love’in Georgetown City), it was forced to cancel amidst continuous protests and threats from those bigots, online and offline, even there are no pornographic elements after thorough inspection. The far-right Islamic party, Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PIS) chimed in as well with the Penang Youth division insisted the play must be cancelled because such play will lead to immoral activities. Worse yet, instead of taking action against those who threatens, possibly incite violence on those who involved in the play, the state police advised the victimized party to cancel the play because it creates ‘confusion’ among these people. The only way to explain such confusion is because their low proficiency of English or sheer ignorance. 
This is not the first time organizers in Penang, out of all the states where population of the no…