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Midnight Thoughts #9: General Election

Not to brag but ever since I was a kid, I already started reading Chinese newspapers. This was due to my family had a newspaper delivery man to deliver our papers daily and basically I AM A NERD. Although I can't understand much about politics back then, I can get a grip on what is happening around the country. Therefore, my earliest understanding of Malaysia election, which was back to 2004, was based on my readings on newspapers and also observations on my parents. Those days, my parents don't talk about politics that much, at least in front of me and my brothers. We did know voting is a secret and we should not share it with others.
GE11 is the earliest recollection I can think of right now. During polling day, my parents brought my brothers and I to their polling station which was a school. Barisan National ran a series of ads promising great future for the country, This is also the time where I got to know there are Barisan National (BN) as the ruling party and Democratic…