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Midnight Thoughts #8: Wrestlemania 34 — Predictions and Wishlist After Mania

WWE's 'Superbowl', WRESTLEMANIA will blow up the Superdome this 8th April 2018. So here are my predictions for all the confirmed matches in the PPV. Before I begin, just want to say the match cards for WrestleMania 34 is one of the strongest in recent years, packed with talents, debuts and returns. If all go well, it would easily be one of the best in Mania history. Also, all championship belts are on the line this time, which is entertaining.  
1. Women's Battle Royale WINNER: Becky Lynch
Unlike previous years, this year we got more women matches (Yay!). One of which will take place during the kick-off show, is WrestleMania's first ever women's battle royal. The winner, obviously, should be the Irish Lasskicker Becky Lynch. 2017 is a bad year for Becky as she got zero push and she's not even a title contender. Things must change and the first step to do so is to let her win the battle royal in order to get some momentum.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting …