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Pakai Tulis #14

Dubbed as the scariest movie of 2020, even Game of Thrones writer George R R Martin was terrified by the movie, Netflix's latest documentary The Social Dilemma will gain the attention and buzz they deserved in the coming days and weeks. It is definitely not the scariest. I'm speaking as someone who doesn't like horror movies at all. The message they carried, and the music they used throughout the documentary however, will make many feel uncomfortable once the documentary ends. How much of a good thing will turn into something bad? Or rather, for every creation initially comes with a noble intention, how long does it take for the creator to actually realise that there is a flip side of that creation that will be exploited, intentionally or unintentionally. This is basically the gist of The Social Dilemma. Social media, initially unearthed as a force of good, has turned itself into a monster we possibly could never contain. We can't shut down Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

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