Midnight Thoughts #24: As We Repeat the Dull Cycle, Brain Drain Outgrows the Debate of Merit vs Quota.

Meritocracy or quota? A question we have to go through every year, especially after the state released the result of the university admission. Yet, every year, we fail to expand the discourse, and the cycle only repeats annually. Result announced, press conference, people bickered, repeat. 
This year, the debate resurfaced after Higher Education director-general Prof Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak reassured the public that the university recruitment process is based on meritocracy instead of quotas. 

Now, technically, if we were to believe statements put out by the government, we have long ended the quota system. In 2001, it was reported that the 4th Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was keen to end the quota system in the university recruitment process. The government went ahead and suspended the system, initially for a year but had continued since. We even saw the intake of Bumiputra students in 2003 dropped 6.3% compared to 2002. 
But why do we have a quota system in the first p…

Midnight Thoughts #23: My Reflection on Protests and Race Relations


People joked we have mistakenly counted the Mayan calendar. It should be 2020, not 2012. We live in crazy times. While a global pandemic have killed millions, we saw the rise of authoritarian regime strengthening their grip over the people. In the process, we somehow ushered into a new cold war. Proxy wars sprung across the Asia could be a reality in this decade alone. Not to mention a global economic recession is lingering around the corner. It seems we millenials are having the times of our lives right now. All the best to Gen Z and beyond.

When authoritarian regimes consolidate their power or refuse to acknowledge an ongoing crisis which could dated back more than two hundred years ago, the people retaliates. Enough is enough, and people will take things to the street. This happened across continents since 2019. We have protests in France, Chile, Venezuela, Iran, Hong Kong, and recently the US. Protests against police brutality in the US is common, we see them in the 90s, even …

Midnight Thoughts #22: 美国需要《方方日记》多过中国需要 《约翰日记》— 《方方日记》读后感